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UK and European FRUiTS
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For FRUiTS lovers in Europe =]

♥ You are the best stylist to express yourself ♥



  • Feel free to join! Especially if you are from the UK or anywhere else in Europe =)
  • Please place all images behind an LJ-Cut
  • Please stay on-topic. This is a community for appreciating Fruits and Japanese culture. We don't care about your cat.
  • Introdutions are welcome.
  • Be civilised to each other.
  • Advertising is fine, as long as it is fashion-related.

What is Fruits?

♥ FRUiTS is a Japanese fashion magazine covering the fashions of the Harajuku district of Tokyo. It was established in 1997 by photographer Shoichi Aoki.
♥ Fruits - Fashion that includes creative effort.
♥ Ganguro, Lolita, Gothic - Lolita, Decora and Kogal are some styles in the Fruits family.
♥ Fruits encourages young people to express themselves through style and clothing.
♥ Part of it is about being unique.
♥ Check out FRUiTS and Fresh FRUiTS at amazon.co.uk now! (Links open in a new window)

Community Information

  • This community was started by ____missdaisy.
  • Feel free to post pictures of your clothes, jewellery, decorated living areas etc. All posts with anything Fruits-related are welcome.

Fruits UK

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